How To Use Die Cuts For Paper Crafting Projects And More!

Die cuts are a popular form of embellishment and the cutting machines themselves vary widely. Some can cut metal or other hard products, but most die cutting machines available in your local hobby store can do well with paper, cardstock or fabric. Crafting enthusiasts often wonder about the many uses of die cuts and how they can employ their use in crafting projects, which is what we hope to explain below.

Embellish And Create 3D Cards

Whether you’re designing your own wedding invitations or wishing your family happy holidays, handmade cards are both personal and unique. They offer the perfect extension of your personality and creativity. Die cuts, for example, can be used to embellish the cards with interesting patterns, flourishes or easily recognizable shapes. In fact, larger die cuts are used as the card itself! You’re no longer bound by the limitations of a rectangular or square card.

Did you know that die cuts are also ideal for creating panoramic or popup cards? They help cut seamless angles while adding artistic interest with minimal effort on your part.

Design Your Holiday Decorations

Die cuts are also ideal for manufacturing your own bunting or garlands. When Halloween or Thanksgiving comes around, you can decorate your home or office with specialty shapes cut from patterned scrapbooking paper or cardstock. In fact, even birthdays can feel more personalized with the name of the person being celebrated. The options are truly endless, especially as die cut companies create more and more designs and shapes for crafters to choose from.

Create Quilt Appliques

Quilt blocks look better when unique appliques are used to pull together your intended theme. Die cuts are perfectly doubled as appliques with seamless edges that are uniform and easily recreated. You can manufacture a large number of die cuts using the right machine, which is why quilters especially enjoy their benefits.

You’re not just limited to cutting thin quilting fabric. Most die cut machines themselves have the ability to cut canvas or even felt when the right settings are chosen. You can take your sewing creations to a whole new level with die cuts!

Meanwhile, there are still a number of manually operated die cut machines available in craft stores, most crafters are leaving their die cutting needs to technology. Modern die cut machines don’t limit you to the use of certain designer dies, but rather, allow you to create your own patterns or silhouettes.