All You Need To Know About Die Cutting

Die cutting is very important in the making of printed materials. Its primary purpose is to cut clean and consistent edges for any material. However, many people do not understand what the process entails. Below is a guide on what die cutting is and its operation.

What Is Die Cutting?

In simple terms, it means the use of a die to create repeated cuts that are identical, from a material, with the help of a machine. It pretty much works like a cookie cutter. It mass produces cut out shapes needed for industries. You can cut the same shape, many times, hence saving you time, and ensuring that it is done professionally.

Points To Consider For Die Cut Labels

Below are some factors you should consider when making die cut labels. They will vary according to your needs and what vision you have.

• The Design Shape

It is crucial to check if the design will work when it is printed. This is because some labels may look fantastic, but not look the same after it is cut out.

• Avoid Sharp Corners

Having sharp corners and acute angels on the labels may cause it to tear once the matrix is removed after the cutting process is done. This will lead to waste that could have been avoided.

• Leave Enough Space

If you want to have some holes in the label, you will need to leave enough space between the shaft and the label edge. Leaving it thin will make it highly susceptible to tear during the removal process.

• Add A Bleed Area

To prevent any accidental white spaces on the label, it is advised to add a bleed area that will ensure that the artwork extends past the edges.

• Add A Die Line

Ensure that you add a line of the desired shape into your file. You should mark the die line in a specific color and a joined line on its layer.

There are manual and digital die cutting machines in the market. It is up to you to choose the one that you prefer. With the above guide, you can go ahead and start on the die cutting process without any problems. In case if any issues, you can ask an expert to help you out. They will advise you on where you may be going wrong and how to do it better. They can also help you create custom label prints for your business.